Coming Winter 2018-2019

"I would do just about anything for a good old-fashioned sauna right now.” Outside of a few gym memberships and tourist lodges, I couldn't find anything even close to the cultural icons I was looking for. Two years ago. So I did something about it.

If you found this page, it's likely because you emphathize with me. I hope you do! More is coming, I promise. We can bringing back sauna culture. I look forward to having you join the community.

Hannah, 7th generation Mainer, Portland

What are we up to? Building a wood-fired Finnish sauna inside an old horse trailer. The sauna room seats four-six people and is heated with a Finnish wood stove designed for stoking from the outside. (We prefer feeding the stove sauna from the outside to limit exposure to smoke and to allow more usable, natural space for people.)

  • Spring 2018: Scouting for and buying a used horse trailer and an authentic Finnish-style wood burning stove. Convincing friends it’s not a crazy idea. Cleaning. Grinding sharp metal off where door and window bars were removed. Creating sauna interior sketchup design.

  • Summer 2018: Budgeting. Networking. Convincing family it’s not a crazy idea. Designing and building the mobile sauna out of an old horse trailer.

  • September 2018: Website Launching. More Budgeting. More Networking. It’s starting to get chilly.

  • October 2018: The build.

More coming soon, maybe some photos too.

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