The Build

The sauna build - what a story! In early 2018, I had a great idea and a design on paper, but over the past nineteen months it transformed into something better than I ever expected. So many people and local business partners came together over the last few months and in the eleventh hour. Together we created Maine’s first mobile wood-fired sauna.

I started working on the build on my own with help from the Maine Tool Library & the Resilience Hub. Then Mat O’Brien with his gangbuster business O'Brien Wood & Iron LLC showed up, along with his team Ethan Lavendier. It was important to us all to get this project done right the first time with locally sourced and sustainable materials. Maine eastern white cedar for the interior walls and benches was sourced from Tweedie Lumber. Friends from Monson Slate/Sheldon Slate in Monson, ME made the last-minute stove barrier. The City of Portland took our calls and meetings.

Sanding, painting, cleaning, packing. Prepping, driving, unhitching, grinding. Chopping, hauling, whittling, sweeping. Towing stuck trucks.

Thank you for the late nights, flustered emails and text messages, and all-hands-on-deck attitudes. I’m so glad to have such special mentors, entrepreneurs, friends, family, and neighbors come together.

Hannah Hamalainen