Life after Top Gun + Summer Sauna Tour

Amazing. There have been few times in my life I feel I can say that word and mean it for it’s true defintion: Awe. Wonder. Great beyond expectation. This is the feeling I am left with after four months of Top Gun. These are the entreprenuers who support each other, listen when needed and give advice when asked, celebrate each others successes, and empathize with work-life balance challenges.

The Little Red Sauna had it’s finest pitch at regionals, and while we did not make it to the showcase, we were lucky to see two fearless Portland entreprenuers Sticky Sweet and Hornet Watersports move on. We — the whole Portland group — felt nothing but pride and compersion for Sticky Sweet when they WON the 25K prize! Be sure to check them out this Summer 2019 as they open their first store to compliment their already successful icecream grocery retail business.

We have lots in store this summer. Soft launch summer tour of Maine + five weddings, three festivals, and a family reunion. Be sure to check back to see how we’re doing. We’ll be at the Old Port Festival, Portland Pride, Midsommers Festival, and a handful of other events.


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