A mobile wood-fired sauna rental experience and community

Community Svitz

There is a Finnish saying that the sauna is the most democratic space in the world. We are a social, inclusive, communal sauna - part of the bathhouse revival, bringing people together with the tradition of heat. We value diversity and the practice of empowering body positivity through selfcare. Weekly community sweats coming to Maine soon.

Personal & Physical Health 

Sauna lends itself to many benefits for the mind, body and heart including: digital detox; meditation and quiet reflection; developing very deep and intimate relationships; opportunity to expose yourself to new ideas and people that are growth minded; the feeling of joy because you are finally taking care of yourself. Find out more.

Environmental Responsibility

At the heart of sauna culture is the appreciation for what nature gives us. Wood. Water. Fire. Health. We acknowledge our civic and environmental responsibility to protect our community, its people and places. Very simply: We burn wood and so we plant trees. We use water and so we clean our waterways.

Join Us! & More Information

Play a key role in how we shape your sauna community. Take our community survey or send us a message. We are happy to hear from you about anything: love for sauna, love for community, events, rentals, ideas etc …